The rest of the site is going to be filled up with my thinking, so I wanted to take the first moment you’re here to talk about the most important person to this site right now – YOU. If you’ve found yourself here, that means at least one of a few things has gone right, so I’d love to know how that happened, so that I can keep making it happen.

  1. If you find yourself here, because I shared something on our common network that you saw and liked,  it would be super to know what it was about it that helped. I would like to do more of that kind of thing.
  2. If you came here sent by a link shared on social media, then that means that we have at least one friend in common. If you could let me know who they were, I’d love the chance to say thanks.
  3. If you managed to end up here based on a link served up in search results of a topic you’re interested in, definitely leave a comment somewhere that lets me know to keep sharing thoughts along the lines you’re looking for.

If you’re enjoying what you find here, then you probably share some of the same values as me. Glorifying God, protecting family, serving country, designing well, loving technology and growing business. There’s probably many things we agree on, but also a few things we don’t. That’s great! I don’t pretend to own the corner on the market of any of the ideas I publish – only that they’re coming from a place of genuine concern for anyone reading to improve themselves as a result of experiencing it. If you walk away from what I share thinking a little differently or moving a little more quickly, then that’s all